• Neeka DeGraw

The Aroma of New Traditions

This is the recipe that inspired my group "Baking New Memories". Due to Covid-19, I suddenly found myself with a lot of extra time on my hands, as so many of you have. In the quietness, a desire arose that I hadn't felt in some time. The desire to bake. I had, somehow over the years, forgotten that I love to cook and to bake, and actually had myself believing that I wasn't any good at either. When I decided to ask my aunt for my great grandmother's Mondel Bread recipe, I had only the intention of trying to bake it (for the first time ever) with every expectation of completely botching it and never trying again. But that isn't what happened. Instead, I just did it. Although, I had some idea of what it should look like because of the many times that my great grandmother made it over the years, I had no idea how to get to the finished product. And, here is what I love so much about this...it didn't matter how I got there. I had the steps in front of me, and whatever I ended up with was gonna be okay! Because the point wasn't to make perfect Mondel Bread. The point was to try, and the trying led to so much more than a great memory, and reminiscent aromas of some of my favorite childhood times. More than that, the trying led to new memories of MY children and I making Mondel Bread for the very first time together. And so I had found perfection in the making of this familiar and unfamiliar recipe. We were Baking New Memories as I shared old ones, and the past and the present mingled there in my kitchen, creating a new and familiar aroma. It was the smell of new traditions in the air that had laid dormant, waiting to be brought to life and passed on. It is never too late to start a NEW memory. My children are ages 16-21, and this was our first Mondel Bread experience. The beauty lies in that it won't be our last. I hope that you will join my family and I as we begin, continue, and leave a legacy of sweet and rich memories shared from so many perspectives, cultures, religions and homes in this amazing community we've created. Here's to Baking New Memories!

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