• Neeka DeGraw

Quarantine Part 1: The Rising

Not only has quarantine been a surprise, it has held many surprises as well. Watching the resilience of a nation becoming closer the farther apart we're told to be, social distancing made bearable via social media. Sharing in sadness and celebration, in tears and in laughter, in fear and fierce strength. Uniting in the immensity of the loss and the terror of the unknown, to the hilarity of family TikToks and "at home morning shows", we become one and the same in our basic humanity. And then something new emerges. From the front lines of our first responders, medical personnel and now grocery store staff, to the quiet and solitude that "non-essential's" have found ourselves in, there is a rising of those called for such a time as this...for those who need them. If you are inspired right now, be inspired. If you are reflective right now, be reflective. If you are on the front lines, be the hero that you are. Covid-19 is many things if not defining, and for many it is time to use your time. For many it is terrifying. Be what you are being called to be right now...there is a world out there waiting for YOU! My Part 1 is "Baking New Memories". Born out of the the Corona Pandemic of 2020 and the time that it has afforded myself and my family. Click my banner above to learn more about how our amazing little community, that I affectionately call "Love Bakers", came to be. We would love to see you there!

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