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If you have a recipe written on some lined paper like this then you know you have an oldie and goodie!! This is my GREAT grandma’s mondel bread (Mandelbrot) recipe that she made throughout my entire childhood. I was lucky enough to have my great grandmother into my late 20’s. She was even at my wedding! (This is her dancing at my wedding in the picture above). Minnie Burns has inspired the love that flows through my family, which often came in the form of food. Whether a salami sandwich on rye with mustard, beef a roni like no one else could ever imitate, or homemade chopped liver after a day of swimming at the bungalow colony that she and my great grandfather owned, there was always a tasty treat waiting . (Please tell me what child would look forward to chopped liver! Oh but we did!) I’ve often felt her spirit with me passing that love on to my children, especially when they were young. I’ve wondered, through the years, why I don’t feel her like I used when I was home with my children. And then I realized...in the quietness of this challenging time, it is my turn. It’s my turn to bring that love to my children, to share the stories, the recipes, especially to share the love, to make sure it lives on. We are the keepers of our past, our ancestors, and only we can KEEP their story alive. Making mondel bread today, watching my children enjoy it and say “I remember when grandma made this once before” and going on about how good it was, opened the door for story telling and memories. And now new, precious, memories. I could see, in my minds eye, my children making this for their children and continuing the “tradition of love” spun so many many years ago.  I challenge you to pull out a recipe or something “old” that brings back loving memories and let those memories LIVE and LOVE during this time. This is my very first attempt at making Mondel Bread in my entire life! I guess I just figured that my great grandma would always make it. It came out amazing and I even added my own little twist with chocolate chips to one batch. The second I tasted the batter I knew it was right and the memories flooded back. Thank you Marci for saving this recipe and having it on hand to pass on. It was SO MUCH MORE than just a good snack️!

Grandma Burns's Mondel Bread

1 juice glass of canola oil (5 oz)

1 cup sugar

2 eggs

1 juice glass orange juice (5 oz, no pulp)

1 cup raisins (or chocolate chips)

4 cups flour

4 tsp baking powder

Heat oven to 325 F

In a large bowl combine oil, sugar, eggs, orange juice, raisins (or chocolate chips) and mix with electric mixer for two minutes

In a medium bowl mix flour and baking powder

Add flour mixture to wet ingredients two cups at a time

Batter may become too thick to use beaters, you can finish mixing with your hands (lightly flour your hands, as batter will be sticky)

Split batter in half, creating two separate loaves

Put loaves on lightly floured cookie sheet (do not grease cookie sheet)

Let bake 45 minutes, check after 30 minutes

Loaves should be golden brown before taking them out

Once loaves are golden brown, remove from oven and lower heard to 250 F

Cut loaves into 1 inch slices and lay them down on the cookie sheet

Return cut loaves to the oven and bake until desired toastiness

Consistency will be similar to a biscotti or slightly softer

Perfect with tea or coffee

From the kitchen of Neeka DeGraw

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