Born and raised in a small town in upstate NY, I never imagined that my life would truly unfold in Nashville, TN. Raised in a family deeply rooted in music, from my grandfather playing the organ and banjo to my father and his electric guitar, Music City seemed a natural fit. However, music is not what compelled me to this new venture. Instead, it was the loss of a thirteen year marriage and the need to provide for my three children that sparked, what my mother coined as a "MASS EXODUS" of the DeGraw family. At the urging of my brothers, one a successful singer songwriter and the other a successful entrepreneur, I moved to Nashville, sight unseen, to begin a new path in the Bar and Restaurant business. It's hard to believe that was more than ten years ago! Now, with three grown children who deserve every bit of bragging I do, navigating deep loss, new love and the very real challenges of life itself, I continue to evolve as a successful mother, respected healthcare provider and, my newest venture, a Top Producing Realtor in this AMAZING CITY!  


 "Change is a propellant and a necessary force to live your best life.  Change is not to be feared. The only assurance we have in life is that it will change. We can let change hinder us or we can harness it to rise."


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